Bite-Sized Learning That
Fits in Your Busy Schedule

How It Works


Break down communication skills into micro components to learn


Use asynchronous video to practice, receive coaching, and deliver feedback


Run reports to track, assess, and refine for continuous improvement

Increase Engagement and Retention

Why Microlearning Works

  • The human brain can only learn effectively for 10 minutes.
  • Enables spaced learning which increases retention by up to 80%
  • Can be easily produced at the speed of change
  • Uses interactive, engaging media
  • Focuses on specific learning objectives such as “can do” skills

Microlearning Effectiveness

People’s working memory can only store a limited amount of information. Microlearning prevents cognitive overload and boosts retention.


of microlearning tasks are completed.


more engaging than traditional learning.

Microlearning content is designed to:

  • Be easily learned in small pieces
  • Provide quicker access to learning
  • Improve workplace performance
  • Integrate with existing content and learning strategy
  • Enable employees in new roles to become productive faster and on the job sooner

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